Victor Velculescu

Prenume: Victor
Nume: Velculescu
Pozitia: Lector Univ.
Institutia: Faculatea de Arte Plastice, Universitatea de Arte, Bucuresti

Curriculum Vitae

Victor Velculescu
- Born in Bucharest, 1969.
- Studied between 1990 and 1995 at the Theatre and Film Academy of Bucharest, Department of Film and TV, Diploma.
- 2001-2003 Master-study in trick-film and multimedia (UNATC)
- Since 2004 member of Plastic Artist Union (UAP).
-2009-PhD in Decorative Arts.

Photographic activity

Personal exhibitions:
1987- “The architecture in Bucharest”, The Salon of the Photo Artist Association, Bucharest
1992- “Faces of Old Testament”, The Salon of the Photo Artist Association, Bucharest
1998 – “Wall against wall”, The Hungarian Cultural Centre, Bucharest
2000- “Mauer gegen mauer”, Urania, Graz, Austria

Group exhibitions:
1997 and 98 - Didymoteichon, Grece (The meeting of the young artists)
1998 and 1999 - International Fair of Arts, Bucharest
1998 - Bucharest Autumn Saloon (Sala Dalles, curator Adrian Guta)
1998 – Club Bar-Bar Bucharest (exhibition with Nicu Ilfoveanu)
1998 – “Bucharest History and present” Architectur exhibition organised by the Architects Union (Bucharest, New York, Bruxelles)
2000 – “Stand by”- in the frame of Film Festival “Mediawave”, Gyor, Hungary (exhibition realised with Radu Igazsag, Neil Coltofeanu)
2000- I participated at the project “Iacobeni Sanatorium” (exhibition with Radau Igazsag, Neil Coltofeanu, Daniel Nedelcu, Ana Oprescu, Cristina Balabuti)
2001 – “Sanatorium” – in the frame of Film Festival “Mediawave”, Gyor, Hungary (exhibition with Radu Igazsag, Neil Coltofeanu, Daniel Nedelcu, Ana Oprescu, Cristina Balabuti)
2001 - “STANDBY” , Tranzit Gallery, Cluj Napoca, Romania
2001 – Photo-Meeting, Rabapatona, Hungary (with Radu Igazsag, Neil Coltofeanu)
2001 – “STANDBY”, London, UK
2002 - “STANDBY”, Retzhof, Styria, Austria
2002 – “AKTIO” , – in the frame of Film Festival “Mediawave”, Gyor, Hungary
2003 – “Alternativ”, International Festival “Alternative”, Targu Mures, Romania

Video-Film Activity:

1990-1994 – “The prison colony” (Regie: Marius Barna, Cameraman: Victor Velculescu , Costinesti Movie Festival award, 1991)
“One more call to lichen” (Regie: Gabi Bugnar, Cameraman: Victor Velculescu, Dakino Movie Festival award, 1993)
“The gentleman Nicandru” (Regie and Camera: Victor Velculescu/Movie presented at the opening of the Costinesti Movie Festival, 1994)
1994 - “RA” (Regie:Calin Dan, Cameraman: Victor Velculescu, Movie presented at the “01010101” exhibition organised by the Soros Foundation for contemporaneous art)
1995 – “Bestiary” (Regie and Camera: Victor Velculescu)
1996 – “Sapoca” (Regie: Lucian Doroftei, Cameraman: Victor Velculescu)
“The waiting-room (Regie: Gheorghe Preda, Cameraman: Victor Velculescu)
“The last jewish from Targul Frumos” (Regie: Florin Iepan, Cameraman: Victor Velculescu, Dakino Movie Festival award)
1997 – 2001 Image and publicity spots, documentation (Ideas Inc., Focus, Domino Film)
2002 - “The Baptism” (Regie: Roxana Trestioreanu, Copel Moscu, Cameraman: Victor Velculescu)
2003 – “The emotional architecture”, (Regie: Calin Dan, Cameraman: Victor Velculescu)
2003 – “File de Foc/File de Istorie (Regie and Camera: Victor Velculescu)
2003 - L’Indiscret - (Regie and Camera: Victor Velculescu)

Other activities

1996- 1998 Television cameraman (PROTV and ANTENA)
1998 – 1999 collaboration with Radio Romania, Department of Literature, Arts and Sciences
1998 - Performance “The World like a shadow theatre” (Nicu Ilfoveanu, Daniel Ionescu), Mediawave Film Festival, Gyor Hungary
2003-2006 Member of the jury of the international festival ALTERNATIVE.
2004-2005 Member of the jury at the salon for auto design Mythos
2004-2005 Hateg region, Hunedoara, Romania, movie project: research and the European re-integration Victor Velculescu (with Ana-Voica Bojar)
2005 - Participation to the conference “Text and image” organised by the Excelence center of the Study of the Image (together with Roxana Trestioreanu, Adrian Guta, Copel Moscu, Alexandru Patatics)
2005 Member of the jury of the Photo Concurs organised by the Romanian Bank of Development (BRD).

In the Garden of Hateg. One moment.
Movie production.
The movie was presented at the Italian Institute of Culture, Bucharest.

Curator (together with Matei Caltia) of the exposition Secunden vor dem Unglück presented at the Centrum Galerie, Graz, Austria.

Curator of the photography exibition Hello Graz / Titanen (by Klaus Hartl and Max Aufischer). The exhibition was presented at the La Galeria Posibila, Bucharest, Romania.

Comission member at the competition The international author right day organised by ORDA.

Comission member at the photo-competition organised by Romanian Banc for Develpment.


Two movies were printed on DVD by the UNA printhouse.

1) Where Dinosaurs Lived (Editura UNA&UNIGRAZ) (20 minutes)
2) Fluoro-Magnesiohastingsit (Editura UNA&LANDESMUSEUM JOANNEUM) (20 minutes)

Invited at the ANUC meeting, Sibiu, Romania.

Production of the Hermann movie, sponsored by the EU. The movie production was related to the event: Sibiu, cultural center of Europe.


Participant at the exhibition Ephemeral Interventions, organised by the Romanian Ministery of Culture in Beijing, China, in the frame of the Week of the Romanian Culture in China.

Participation at the exhibition CLIP-uri Urbane, curator Marilena Preda Sanc, presented at the Home Art Galery.

Production of the movie Legendele Estuarului sponsored by Estuar Fundation for people with dishabilities.


Participation at the Annual Oral Presentation Session with: The Garden in the front of our house.

Director of the movie Birds in the wall. - Back to Herina. The peinter Stefan Caltia. The presentation of the movie took place in the Galery of the National University of Arts. The movie was broadcasted by the Romanian National Television chanel TVR1.

Parteneri media inspired 2011